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Jiujiang Jiacheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional  manufacture company producing metal packing equipment and Can equipment.Its main products cover .the machines for food can, 0.2L-18L round can, 10L-18L convenient barrel, 10L-18L necking barrel, 1L-18L square can, Tea cans,Wine cans,Gift box, the Sealing machines for capacitor, filter, and the equipments for paint can, aerosol can, caps et

For our good reputation in metal packing mechanism industry and the perfect cooperation with customers, Our products are widely applied in the can, food, medicine, wine, saponification, cosmetic, packaging, paint and other areas enterprises from more than 30 domestic provinces and autonomous regions and exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and other international markets, highly valued by domestic and foreign customers.

Basing on the purpose of scientifically managing, innovating famous brand products, providing best service and satisfying customers, all staff of JiaCheng Company meet any requirements of the market and customers unconditionally and at all costs. In order to perfect life quality and build beautiful home, we will come to work hard and try our best with you together, create much wealth for you and achieve better future.

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Add:No.801,East building 11,Nanhu community,Lushan District,Jiujiang City,Jiangxi Province,P.R.China.

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  • GT2C18 Convenient barrel lids gumming equipment

    GT2C18 Convenient barrel lids gumming equipment
  • GT3C1 Automatic Punch

    GT3C1 Automatic Punch
  • GT2A8 Multi-Position Punch

    GT2A8 Multi-Position Punch
  • GT2A2(GT2A5) 35T Automatic punch

    GT2A2(GT2A5) 35T Automatic punch
  • 2A9 Making cover machine

    2A9 Making cover machine
  • YL2A1 Automatic punch for crown lids

    YL2A1 Automatic punch for crown lids
  • CD400 Storage bucket

    CD400 Storage bucket
  • XZS027 Rotary screen

    XZS027 Rotary screen
  • CTJ Magetic hoisting machine

    CTJ Magetic hoisting machine
  • INP052 Plastic-shaping machine

    INP052 Plastic-shaping machine

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