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Parsing the laser spot welder why enough output power could be happening

Each machine will have his power rating, laser spot welding machine is not exceptional also, sometimes will appear in the process of using laser spot welding problems of the output power. Cause this problem requires specific analysis to find the reason for us.

According to experience and analysis, we found that the main types are five reasons, here share with you. If it is the kind of laser spot welding machine, just the factory soon to see if it factory set power is small, it is all the diaphragm light-leaking and its adjustment cavity have reached the factory, if the situation should occur, then the laser spot welder didn't reach the factory standards, can exchange demand manufacturer.

And if it is the use for a long time of the laser spot welder appear the lack of output power, it depends on the first full the diaphragm is stained, so going to wipe clean; The second whether cavity have change, if you have to fine tune cavity, make the output light spot best; The third depends on the temperature of the cooling water tank with the surrounding environment temperature difference to have more than 5 degrees, more than words will be controlled within 5 degrees; The fourth depends on krypton lamp brightness enough, isn't it the expiration of the service life of the need to change; Depends on whether the location of the acousto-optic crystal with 5 first set from, if there is the need to adjust in a timely manner.

In fact most of the time don't have enough power output is someone for use with improper operation, reasonable use can reduce the happening of this kind of situation, and can prolong the service life of the laser spot welding machine.