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Vacuum equipment in China development space in the future

Vacuum equipment industry in China since the reform and open policy more than 20 years has made great development and great increase, this has not only reflected in the output, yield increase, and the types, specifications, or in the comprehensive technical degree have been considerable achievements. Especially since of the ninth five-year plan, industry companies seize the opportunity, adjust the product structure, strongly promote the technology innovation, received many big industry level and effect of national new products, new technology, for the establishment of the people's economy, the development of science and technology, national defense made dedication to high and new technology promotion. At the same time, also revealed the fact that the development and application of high and new technology to improve and promote the development of the vacuum equipment industry and technology promotion, the development of high and new technology depends on the wide application of vacuum technology and strong technical support.

Development environment analysis and demand forecasting

(1) the degassing refining outside the furnace smelting and metallurgical industry in the future to increase more than 50% (according to different varieties). Vacuum degassing unit needs about 10 ~ 1.5 billion yuan/year. Followed by vacuum metallurgy furnace, such as vacuum induction furnace, vacuum arc furnace and vacuum resistance furnace smelting high alloy steel such as the basic equipment.

(2) vacuum heat treatment industry

Vacuum heat treatment industry in China in 2010 to complete basic less oxidation heat treatment as the center of technical renovation, is expected to need at least 5000 ~ 5000 sets of advanced equipment.

(3) electrical industry in the future on the goal of motor manufacturing in our country is variety, grade, to reduce the energy consumption and material consumptions, to expand exports.

(4) electronic information industry

In 2010 China will become the world's second largest semiconductor IC market. Total demand is more than 1000 one hundred million yuan, reached more than 100 billion of the total amount.

(5) the food industry

Used in the food industry in the main vacuum equipment are vacuum freeze drier, vacuum packaging machine, vacuum sealing machine, vacuum impregnation and vacuum devices, etc. Food preservation and processing equipment, has a large market potential.

Although the vacuum equipment industry in China though facing many problems and difficult, but it also faces great timing. China's peaceful protrusions and big market, for our country's continuous economic development created a very good condition, as long as the economy by 7 to 8% a year of increase rate, vacuum equipment potential market also has been expanding, as long as we pick each enterprise own localization, play to their unique advantages, certainly there will be as, in the intense market competition for living space.