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Domestic aquatic products packaging machinery situation analysis and development direction

Domestic existing mechanization of aquatic products cannot be unable to meet the needs of fisheries production growth, aquatic products processing machinery need further development in the future. Aquatic products processing machinery is part of the food processing machinery, all kinds of aquatic products processing mechanization production line at home and abroad are made by special aquatic products processing machinery and general food processing machinery. Can sealing machine, filling machine, cut machine, high temperature sterilization equipment and other food machinery and all kinds of packaging machinery is widely used in aquatic products processing.

In recent years, the introduction of foreign advanced level of modernization of products available for reference. In the research direction of development of China's aquatic products processing machinery, according to the structure of fishery production in our country, the present status of aquatic products processing industry and consumer habits, focused development for some suitable for China's aquatic products processing machinery.

Aquatic products processing machinery of our country must walk the path of specialization of production, must develop in high-grade equipment, efforts to improve the technology content, to do the product, do, and stronger. Improve the quality of aquatic products performance and mechanical products, is an effective method for stable production and improve labor productivity. With the development of aquatic products industry, the aquatic product mechanical reliability, stability, and will put forward higher request.

With the continuous development of micro-electronics, computer and other high and new technology and the changing of market needs, microelectronics technology has been widely used in various fields, and to merge into an integral injection and aquatic products machinery industry. All kinds of mechanical equipment to mechanical and electrical integration, using microelectronics technology testing and monitoring of production process, not only can improve labor productivity, also can further ensure the quality of the products, make food machinery to more advanced professional direction.

Aquatic product as the development of food in the future will be more and enough weight, and let it keep original taste and keep a long enough time will be the future development of important factors, so we need new machining method and fast time to retain its original taste. Design a new economical aquatic products processing machinery is necessary to solve the current and future development of our country, the mechanized production of aquatic products processing, will make a permanent product processing in China lag behind the status quo for fundamental change.