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What are the spot welder use safety regulations

1, homework before, should remove upper and lower two oil electric level.

2, start, should be through to the control circuit to switch and welding current switch, adjust the number, then turn on the water, air, finally through to the power supply.

When 3, electric welding machine, check the electrical equipment, operating mechanism, cooling system, pneumatic system and the body shell with and without leakage. Electrode contact should keep bright and clean.

4, homework, pneumatic, water cooling system should be open. Gas should be kept dry. Drainage shall not exceed 40 ℃ temperature, displacement can be adjusted according to the temperature.

5, it is strictly prohibited in the ignition circuit fuse. When the load is too small to make arc ignition tube can't occur, shall not be closed ignition circuit control box.

6, when the control box discontinued for a long time, every month should be electric heat for 30 min. The replacement should be preheated thyratron 30 min. The normal work of the control box of the preheating time shall not be less than 5 min.