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Shearing machine operation safety technical disclosure content

Shearing machine operation safety technical disclosure content:

1. Mechanical equipment operator must be in good health, and pass by. The professional training on operation certificate issued by the relevant departments or special type of work after the operation, can independent operation. Students must be conducted under the guidance of teacher.

2. Machinery operation, the operator may not leave work without authorization or the machinery to the machine operator. It is forbidden to irrelevant personnel to enter areas and operating room. To focus on work, thought, no drunken operation.

3. The mechanical operation personnel and cooperate with the personnel, must wear labor protection articles according to regulations, long hair may not be exposed. Do not wear shoes and slippers.

4. The daily operations of two or more classes and mechanical equipment are required to implement system of succession. Operating personnel should fill in succession.

5. Start, should check each lubrication, fastening, cutter can not have gap, starts the idling 1 ~ 2 min, after the normal before operation.

6. The thickness of the shear steel shall not exceed the shearing machine regulation ability. Cut narrow plank, pressure on the cutting board a wide steel plate, the vertical compression device whereabouts, can be cut sheet pressed firmly.

7. Should be based on shear plate thickness, adjust, incised knife gap, cutting knife gap shall not be greater than 5% of the plate thickness, bevel cutting shall not be greater than 7%, hand rotation adjusted application and empty running test.

8. Should according to the wear of brake device, timely adjust.

9. When more than one person, homework, offering is subject to signal controllers feeding when the scissors on the stop, and when it is strictly prohibited to hand in the inner side of the vertical compression device.

10. Feed, feed is, flat, stable, finger shall not be close to the cutting knife and pressure